Allowed scripted assets

To use third party assets in our projects that use scripts to be functional, they have to be allowed on our side. Please check the list below for what is allowed on our end.


Dynamic bone

Available at

Dynamic bone will add physics on bones based on your configured settings. This can apply advanced movements to for example hairs, a skirt or something like that.

Final IK

Available at

Final IK is a inversed kinematics solution for all kinds of rig structures. For detailed information visit the asset store page.


Post Processing Stack 2.0

Available in the Unity Package Manager

PPS v2 is used to add post processing effects to worlds based on the players location. It is commonly used for effects like Bloom, Color grading and more.

Aura 2

Available at

Aura is a collection of tools to generate stunning visual effects for a world.

Aquas 2020

Available at

Aquas is a water shader and script collection made to enhace the look and feel of worlds by adding realistic water.

R.A.M 2019 - River Auto Material

Available at

RAM 2019 is mostly used to easily create and modify realistic rivers for worlds.

CTS 2019 - Complete Terrain Shader

Available at

CTS 2019 enhaces the Unity Terrain by providing a way to change and recolor / retexture the unity terrain on the fly and giving advanced tools to enhance the look of worlds.