Content Creation Kit 1.17

These are the release notes for ABI CCK 1.17 RELEASE Build number 49.


This version of our CCK contains new components and component changes.

This is a pre-release changelog. CCK 1.17 is NOT yet released.

With the rollout of 1.17 all previous versions of our content creation kit are incompatible. You are REQUIRED to update if you want to upload content at this point. This also affects UPDATES of content already uploaded to our cloud.

New features

  • New Layers: CVRPickup, CVRInteractable, PostProcessing

  • New Component: CVR GI Material Updater

  • New Component: CVR Video Player

  • New Component: CVR Video Player Sync

  • New Component: CVR Chair

  • New Interactable actions: Avatar Pickup Point, World Link Point

  • New Animator Slots: Prone, ProneIdle, ProneLeft, ProneRight, ProneForward, ProneBackward


  • The behaviour of voice position and view position identifier in CVR Avatar has been adjusted.

  • Performance improvements.