ChilloutVR 2019r147

Build number 147, public release, Build name containing 2019 because of the merged updates from 2019.


New line version! This build of ChilloutVR is not compatible with previous game and server versions. Please upgrade your game to the newest version to be able to see it.

Game changes

Since the last update, the following things have been ADDED:

  • General support for user-created content

  • New UI, still in the works

    • Home (Mute, Respawn and media keys functional, Seated Play and Calibrate will follow shortly)

    • Friendlist

    • Your Avatar List

    • World List

    • Messages (Only Display for now, no interaction)

    • Setting (Currently only Preview - no function)

  • General VR support

  • General Networked IK

  • General Instancing (Currently only US Servers are online)

  • CVRInteractable implemented locally

  • CVRPickup basic implementation

  • Added movement control while in midair

  • Gestures can now be used in desktop mode using left shift + 1-8 for the left hand and right shift + 1-8 for the right hand

The UI Settings menu does NOT do anything yet. It is a placeholder. We will change this in the next weeks.

Server changes

Since the last update the following things have been ADDED:

  • General avatar and world support

  • The server now cuts dead connections

  • The server now buffers avatars and distributes to late joiners

API changes

The following API endpoints have been ADDED since the last update:

  • IUserMetrics

  • IPlayerNotifications

  • IUserProfile

  • ISystemManagement

  • ISystemModeration

  • IGameManagement

  • IContentCreation