ChilloutVR 2020r148

Release notes for build number 148. Please read below.


New line version! This build of ChilloutVR is not compatible with previous game and server versions. Please upgrade your game to the newest version to be able to see it.

Game changes

Since the last update, the following things have been ADDED:

  • 3D Spatialized voice chat This adds Environmental voice chat to ChilloutVR. This change is in an experimental state and might fail at any point.

  • Added world modifier script that can control specific values of the local client configuration for each world. This includes voice falloff min range and max range.

  • Talking indicator for player nameplates. (See if others are sending voice)

  • Talking indicator for the local HUD. (See if you are sending voice)

  • Added game debug info for FPS, Ping and Game version to the home screen of the menu

Since the last update, the following things have been CHANGED:

  • Improved protocol buffer for voice chat This should make the voice chat send less unnecessary data to the network.

  • Raised voice protocol frame size This should make the voice chat use up less processing power. Might cause slight voice delays.

  • Network voice player ident is now the same as the account guid.

  • The Intro is now auto-skipped in VR Mode.

  • Networked player animations (emotes) are now properly cancelled when the player moves or jumps.

  • Changes to Network player management to prevent useless execution and log spam.

  • Improved UI System garbage collection.

  • Improved UI System file loading tasks.

  • The button of the currently opened tab is now clickable for easier returns.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when multiple queues events are processed at the same time.

  • Fixed a bug where worlds would be in a downloading loop forever.

  • Fixed a bug where sideloading worlds would cause the game to crash.

  • Changed default mirror max resolution to 2048. Can be adjusted in settings menu later.

  • Fixed a bug where network player rotation snaps around the 360° degree mark in the wrong direction.

  • Changed the pre load button, Preloads are actually preloads now and not world switches.

Server changes

Since the last update, the following things have been ADDED:

  • Added a function to force player teleports from server side. This will be used for teleport request system.

  • Added advanced scheduler system for game mode tasks.

  • Added support for Module based RPC calls.

  • Added security system 2.0 to the server side.

API changes

Since the last update, the following things have been ADDED:

  • The world explorer in-game now shows all active worlds in its own tab.