ChilloutVR 2020r148p1

This is a patched version of ChilloutVR 2020r148 and only available to PTM members within the PTM branch. Those changes are in evaluation stage and will be included in the next update.


  • 360 degree Rotation now does not jitter as much anymore.

  • World joins by clicking an instance multiple times are now not buffered anymore.

    • This prevents the rejoin loop some people reported.

  • Fixed VR jump direction to now be the camera facing direction instead of playspace centered looking direction.

  • Improved the feel while jumping in general.

  • Fixed Controller rotation axis and added deadzones.

  • Fixed preload button to not join the world anymore.

Known issues

  • World loading bar does not always disappear.

  • Audio source ranges are not always working properly.

  • Spawn system does not always work properly.

  • Using the world modifier script can crash the client.

  • Loading avatars with issues can cause all loads after that to fail.

  • Post processing causes VR vision to decrease the image quality a lot.

  • Hand calibration fails very hard sometimes.

  • Some worlds look ghosted.