ChilloutVR 2020r148p3

This is a patched version of ChilloutVR 2020r148 and only available to PTM members within the PTM branch. Those changes are in evaluation stage and will be included in the next update.


  • Nameplate text does not overrender anymore.

  • Fixed Desktop voice indicator (was not showing up correctly)

  • Improved VRIK behaviour with and without full body tracking active.

Known issues

  • World loading bar does not always disappear.

  • Audio source ranges are not always working properly.

  • Spawn system does not always work properly.

  • Loading avatars with issues can cause all loads after that to fail.

  • Dynamic bones can stop working for all avatars when wrong / too high values get applied.

  • Post processing causes VR vision to decrease the image quality a lot.

  • Some worlds look ghosted.