Levels and Ranks explained


Our ranking system is split into 3 different parts. The user ranking system, the creator ranking system and the guardian (anti-cheat) rank.

The user ranks

The user ranks are XP based and can be obtained by playing, attending events, socializing, reporting bugs, requesting features and more. Badges can be obtained and featured on the players profile in game and on the website.

You can find out more about the available badges in our badge guide: List of AlphaLink Platform Badges.

The following ranks are used in our games:

  • New User - (0XP to 2,499XP)

  • User - (2,500XP to 4,999XP)

  • Advanced User - (5,000XP to 9,999XP)

  • Known User - (10,000XP to 19,999XP)

  • Veteran User - (20,000XP +)

The following ranks are assigned based on actions instead of levels:

  • Verified User - Bigger streamer, trusted content creator, long term community member.

  • Living Legend - A person that helped making the game big and supported the project a lot.

The following ranks are assigned to employees of Alpha Blend Interactive:

  • Game Master - People responsible for moderation and support, hosting and supporting events, responsible for community questions and concerns.

  • Developer - The people who create the games, heads of the company.

The creator ranks

Our creators are grouped into different ranks based on their trust in the community. The more safe and exciting content a creator creates, the higher the rank.

The following creator ranks are used across our platform:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Expert

  • Trusted

Based on the amount and ratings of created content, creators can rank up and gain more trust and usable features. Avatars and Worlds can always be created. Only Expert and Trusted ranks are able to create scripted game modes. Game modes can be sent in for review by any rank. A positive review will gain trust as well.

The guardian ranks

The guardian anti-cheat is a anti-cheating solution directly implemented into our server software. The guardian checks whether actions are possible or not and takes actions according to static rules defined and tweaked by us with every update.

There are three ranks that describe the current account state:

  • In good standing: This account is not suspected by the guardian.

  • Degraded: Suspected cheater, no majorly disruptive actions yet.

  • Cheater: There is proof that this account has been used for cheating. Online-play is disabled.

When in good standing, an account is not flagged. When degraded, the account is flagged as a cheater using a red text over the players nameplate. Known cheater-accounts can not join any secured online lobby (they are still able to play on insecure community servers). Guardian bans are non-appealable.