Creators: Getting started

For creators with less or no experience, please read this page to get started.


To create content for ChilloutVR, you need the Unity Editor.

Please download the Unity editor in the version we use at the moment by clicking "Download Unity" at the top of this page.

We currently use the Unity Engine version 2019.3.1f1

Using a unity version we don't support may cause your content to break and be unusable in ChilloutVR.

Tutorials for beginners

If you have never worked with the Unity Editor before, you will need to get used to it first and get some basic knowledge. You can do this by checking out Unitys official introduction series.

The unity intro series can be found here:‚Äč

Private vs Public content

Content you upload to our cloud is marked as private content by default. This means it does not show up in official lists and no one is allowed to use it.

By publishing content it will be usable in public instances (avatars) or people will be able to create new instances using it (worlds).

To publish content, it has to fit our community guidelines.