Newton Behaviour Material


The Newton Behaviour Material is the core component necessary for all objects that should be affected by Newton Physics. It uses the following parameters to manipulate Unitys Core Physics systems.

For the Newton Behaviour Material to work, the game object registry has to be enabled.

The settings explained

Object control authority

The object control authority is a value in form of a standard integer type. This value can be used together with the Newton BE permissions system to allow access to specific regions, actions, items or anything else for only specific players and groups. This can also be automated by players progress in a world.


The objects maximum velocity in relation to its parent object. This is a max value and values underneath it might be changed on the worlds physics settings. This can be changed in the worlds physics settings.

Mass & Energy

The objects mass & energy. The physics system will compare this to other objects to produce more realistic object weight. If a player modifier for strength is used, only objects the players mass energy would be able to grab would be interactable.

Wear Factor

The Wear factor specifies if object usage should do damage to objects. This must be implemented as an additional component as well. If implemented correctly objects with wear factor can break depending on usage (mass & energy comparison is used to calculate more realistic wear).

Affected by physics fields

This can be enabled if a world or game mode uses our interactive physics field. This will compare the objects mass, energy and velocity against the field and process according different physics events on the object.