Setting up the CCK

To create content for ChilloutVR, you need our content creation kit. Please read through the steps below to properly set it up.

Downloading the CCK

To get started, please install the unity version linked at the top of this page. After, create a project and important our Content Creation Kit also linked at the top of this page.

Updating the CCK

To update our Content Creation Kit, close the build window (if open) and import the newest version. It is NOT required to delete the old Content Creation Kit before.

Logging in to the CCK

After importing the CCK you should be able to locate the build window which is also the window you will have to use to login to the CCK. The CCK login credentials are shared between all unity projects on the local machine.

Open the build window

After opening the build window, you should see the following:

Login using your CCK credentials

To login to the CCK you will use your platform username and your CCK access key. To locate your access key, login to the Community Hub at and go to your account settings.

Locate the Key Manager
Copy the CCK Login key

In there, you will find your access key (as shown above) which you can now use to login to the CCK. The CCK login key is a replacement for email and password because we do not want to encourage users to share their passwords.

The most important components

All of the components you will need for your content creation start with CVR.

Locate the important components

The CVR Asset Info script should automatically be added when adding the CVR Avatar or CVR World script. Scenes can not contain avatars and worlds at the same time.